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Hej deviants !
I express myself via writing, painting, drawing and photographing, so please go to my gallery to find a variety of art. :meow:
I focus on sharing what I consider to call part of my memories. These could be captures of nature, of events, but also drawings of dreams and hopes.
Although I am a hobby artist not having any in interest in doing art as professional job I really love getting detailed feedback and advice for improvement. I don't sort out my gallery, so there's stuff from the very beginning and there's new stuff.
Have a nice day / night ! :shamrock:

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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 7:12 AM
My :dalogo: started back in 2011.
I came here for the amount of art and the possibility to connect with other deviants in groups. A major point for my joining was the CC license and the professionality of this site, especially including the gallery / fav options.
Trying different media I still haven't found the one I'm the most happy with, although I guess that it is pen ball, ink and acrylic paint (which I tested recently).

Not focusing on a medium I didn't improve quickly and much, but I've learnt a lot of stuff about techniques.

I mostly post photos with a camera that can't be named professional, but I love the photos anyway.
My most used category is Photography < Photojournalism < Concerts & Musicians
Here are my favorite pictures:

Mordminnen - Vreth (Finntroll) by NeptuniaSulphur
I chose this picture of Vreth, the singer of Finntroll
since it displays the passion he puts into his job.
The sweat in hair / on his skin, the posture and the half gone corpse paint give the picture a sinister look.

Defiling Morality ov Black God (Behemoth) by NeptuniaSulphur

I chose this picture, which show the audience of Behemoth playing at Berlin 2014
 because it shows how much the band stirred up the people with their fantastic energetic show.
The fact that the audience appears somewhat black, but the stage in color adds a mystical atmosphere to scenerey.

Talking about a different medium, I also enjoy drawing. I drew with traditional media for long until I came to the conclusion that it
it is senseless to draw trees on paper. Therefore I started drawing with a tablet my mum gave to me. Alas, I didn't develop any skills in it (yet), but there are some pieces I really like.

Deltan's Fire. [CONTEST ENTRY] by NeptuniaSulphur

This one is a really old drawing, but it is very important to me since I first tried to shade. I want to thank Gewalgon (who I discovered here) again for giving such good advice and helping me out. She's also my main inspiration & endless source of positivity :heart:

Ashriel Reference by NeptuniaSulphur

This drawing is of an enormous emotional importance for me, but I won't explain why here.
I learnt so many techniques and settings for my drawing program while doing it that I even had to re-upload a newer version of this.
If you want to do an art trade with me, it's most likely that I ask you to draw this character. :XD:

In the past I've also been writing a lot, but I have really lost the ability to put the inspirational moments in words (hopefully temporary).
Focusing mainly on pagan content, as I consider to call myself a pagan I've also done some fan art and even daily life poems.

Der Zigarettenautomat (GER)Der Zigarettenautomat
Aus lackiertem Blech, ganz hart
Spuckt aus deine Läster, fein
Wirfst du ein paar Münzen rein
Greifst in deine Tasche schnell,
Musst füttern der Sünde Quell' !
Merkst, du hast nur Schein' dabei
Was machst du nun ? Ohwei, ohwei
Hektisch schweift dein Blick umher
Wo kriegst du jetzt nur Münzen her ?
Zum Glück läuft hinter dir ein Paar
Deine Rettung, sie ist da !
Schnell tauschst du die Scheine ein
Fütterst den Automatenschlitz, so klein
Endlich fällt die Packung raus
Doch was ist das für ein Graus ?
Als du versuchst die Packung zu fischen
Darfst du etwas anderes erwischen
Ein Papier, von was auch immer
Du glaubst es kaum, aber es wird noch schlimmer
Willst sie anzünden, die Zigarette - klein
Doch wo ist dein Feuerlein ?
Greifst in deine Tasche rein
Aber dort wird es nicht sein
Garantiert liegt es im Auto, vermutlich unterm Sitz
Jetzt schnell zurücklaufen, flitz !
Endlich kannst du wieder rauchen
So ne Situat

I chose this german poems about cigarettes, because it fits perfectly with the syllabels, and also contains a good memory of a phone call I had with some former friend. This poem was so funny for some of the smokers around me that they printed it out and put it up in their houses. :o

blota i moti vetri (ENG)call the warriors of Valhall
to fight with the gods, take revenge on Loki's gall
clutch your sword, it's time to fight
in this cold winter night
ride with Oden through the storm
a new century will soon be born
with Sleipnir's breath the fog was made
all love and friendship soon will fade
don't be afraid of what time will come
follow Oden back home

I chose this english poem about the germanic pagan event of blota i moti vetri, because I simply wanted to do a short poem about it and yet it had such a great impact on some fellow pagans. It is my most fav'd poem, although it is that short.

The help of the dolphins.On the ground of the ocean, so deep
With his trident Poseidon sweeps
Earthquakes and stormes were ruled by him
The god of water, down in the ocean, so dim
A lots of children he called his fame
And one was special - Arion was its name
He was a noted lyrist and singer
Of wonderful melodies he was the harbinger
On the royal court of Corinth he lived
And no, he was not deprived
The whole of Greece loved his art
Also Arion had a big heart
On Sicily he once gave a stand
He was famous in the whole land
Arion was overwhelmed with gold
Back on his ship he went, in the night, so cold
But the sailors wanted to own his treasure
They decided to kill Arion for their own pleasure
The sailors surrounded the lyrist quite soon
The son of Poseidon regocnized his doom
He asked for the allowance to play a last song
And the seaman agreed, cause nothing would go wrong
The sad melodies called the dolphines on the surface
Around the ship they made a race
Arion took his chance and jumped into ocean, so wild

I chose this english poem about greek paganism, because it is the longest poem I have written so far and it was really hard to stay close to the original story, but finding fitting rhymes.

All in all I can say that I am thankful for joining this site, because I have discovered a great community (including making new friends), inspiring art and positivity. I really hope that I'll be able to give my page a professional look some day :aww:

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